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At first, the idea of supplemental insurance may sound redundant: If you already have insurance, why would you consider more?

The answer, quite simply, is that primary insurance such as your health insurance covers only a portion of the total costs you may need help with in the event of sickness or injury.

It’s great that you have insurance – but what about the non-covered costs?

What about replacing lost income, paying rent, buying food – even just covering the expense of transporting loved ones to visit you at a recovery facility? Not to mention the cost of continuing to pay your major medical insurance premiums so your benefits don’t lapse.

That’s why we're appointed with companies that offer supplemental disability insurance, accident insurance, sickness insurance and life insurance. Our policies are easy to understand so you can make the right decisions about your coverage.


Nurse With Digital Tablet Talks To Woman In Hospital Bed

It’s a lot to worry about. Supplemental insurance simply helps you rest a little easier.

Supplemental insurance products that are designed to help fill in the gaps your major medical insurance doesn’t cover – and assist in ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

An estimated 60% of cancer costs are nonmedical expenses and not covered by typical health insurance.
American Cancer Society: Cancer Facts and Figures 2014 page 3.

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