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An insurance policy designed to pay cash directly to you to help cover some expenses associated with cancer treatment and recovery

Cancer Care Protector

Cancer can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime.

According to the American Cancer Society, Cancer will strike 1 out of 3 people and affect 3 out of 4 families.

The good news is that today more people are surviving cancer than ever before.  68% of the people who get cancer this year will be alive 5 years from now because of modern medical treatments.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of medical plans simply do not cover all of the expenses incurred with the disease.  After all, 60% of total cancer costs are non-medical.

A Cancer Care Protector, could make a difference in both the quality of care and quality of life, for your, or a loved one.

Fore more detailed information & how to apply for this coverage, please fill out the form bellow to set up an appointment.

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