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A Whole Life Insurance policy, designed to pay cash directly to you or a loved one when needed most.

What would happen if you suffer an untimely death?

The fact is your financial responsibilities likely to continue.

Your family may need help to:

  • Pay some of the funeral costs
  • Take care of some unpaid medical bills
  • Pay on loans or credit cards
  • Pay the mortgage or rent for a period of time
  • Even replace some lost income

EXTRA CASH would certainly help!

Family Life Protector designed to help your family carry on

You can choose the benefit amounts that are right for you.

We can offer an amount specifically designed for you

Select the cash benefit to meet your family’s needs.

You are covered to age 100, with lifetime protection regardless of your changes in your health.  Then at age 100 the proceeds are paid directly to you!

Living Benefits*

Cash Value – that part of the premium that is set aside for your use in the future.

You may choose to:

  • Borrow the cash value
  • Surrender the policy and receive the cash value
  • Select the Automatic Premium Loan Provision to keep your policy from lapsing by mistake
  • Paid-up Insurance Value – a reduced insurance amount if you decide to stop paying premiums.  This reduced benefit will be paid to your beneficiary upon death.
  • These values begin to accumulate after the first few years your policy is in force, depending on your age of issue.

The LONGER your policy is in force, the HIGHER the cash values and paid-up insurance values become.

Fore more detailed information & how to apply for this coverage, please fill out the form bellow to set up an appointment.

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